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Date and TimeTitle Description
2012-10-25Night at the Museum ToursDay one of tours for Union Station.
2012-10-26Night at the Museum ToursSecond night of NATM tours. We will have two tours on this night.
2012-10-27Night at the Museum TourLast night of NATM. We have two tours.
2012-12-22Christmas Party at Keys on the MainAnnual Christmas Party time.
2013-01-05Paranormal 101 Class at Union StationThis will be our class that we offer to the public.
2012-11-24Coffee and short meetingMeeting for coffee prior to investigation.
2012-12-01Coffee prior to investigationGoing to Denny's for coffee prior to investigation.
2012-12-08Coffee before investigationCoffee before investigation to talk about what we are doing.
2013-01-12CoffeeJust meeting for coffee prior to the investigation. Denny's 250 West 500 South Salt Lake City, UT 84101
2013-02-16CoffeeMeeting for coffee at the Flying J Denny's on 21 st St. in Ogden.
2013-03-30Paranormal 101 ClassThis will replace the paranormal class that we had to cancel.
2013-03-30Paranormal 101 ClassThis will replace the class we had to reschedule.
2013-05-03Spring ScreamThis is just like NATM.
2013-05-04Spring ScreamSecond night of Scream Spring.
2013-04-12Spring Scream at Union StationJust like NATM
2013-04-13Spring Scream at Union StationSecond night of the event.
2013-03-09Meeting to discuss Pulse events and issuesMeeting at Denny's at Flying J on 21st St. in Ogden to discuss Pulse events and issues. This will be before the Rooster's investigation.
2013-05-11Keys on the MainBirthday celebrations for May babies.
2013-10-18NATM at Union StationWe will be doing tours for NATM on the 18 and 19. We might possibly do it on the 24th as well.
2013-10-19NATM at Union StationNight 2 of NATM at Union Station.
2013-10-25You Center and 324 Center St. Halloween PresentationCordell has been asked to talk about the You Center with Dave. I have been asked to talk about 324 Center St.
2013-10-26You Center and 324 Center St. PresentationSecond night of the presentation from the 25th.
2013-12-21Christmas PartyIt's time for our Christmas party at "Keys on the Main".
2014-05-30Lagoon's Pioneer Village presentation for the Davis Chamber of CommerceWe will be doing a presentation and then a tour of the Pioneer Village. There will be at least 50 people there. We could use all the help that we could get.
2014-08-07Evanston's TOU (Tour of Utah) EventTour of Utah
2014-10-03NATMTours of Union Station
2014-10-04NATMTours of Union Station
2014-10-10NATMTours of Union Station
2014-10-11NATMTour of Union Station
2014-10-17NATMTours of Union Station
2014-10-18NATMTours of Union Station
2014-10-24NATMTours of Union Station
2014-10-25NATMTours at Union Station
2014-10-24Evanston ToursCordell and I will be doing Evanston Haunted Tours.
2014-10-25Evanston Haunted ToursCordell and I will be doing Evanston Haunted Tours.
2014-08-30History Tour of Union StationI will have notes on the hot spots in Union Station that all should know when giving the tour. It will really help if you can attend. It won't take long then we can go to Roosters for the investigation.
2014-09-19Evanston Renewal Ball EventCordell, Chris and I will be covering this event.
2014-09-18Mandatory Tour of Union Station for NATMWill only be for 1 1/2 hours. 6:00 P.M. to 7:30 P.M
2014-09-26Mandatory Tour for NATMMandatory tour for NATM. It is from 6:00 P.M.- 7:30 P.M.
2014-09-26Renewal Ball for Evanston
2014-10-03Evanston Renewal Ball InvestigationWe will be taking 12 of Evanston city members on an investigation at the hotel.
2014-11-07Evanston City Member InvestigationMembers of the city will be joining us on an investigation. There will be about 8.
2014-12-13Pulse Christmas PartyPulse's annual Christmas Party at Roosters in Ogden
2015-10-17Halloween Attraction NightWe would like to try and hit two Halloween haunted houses as a group just for fun.
2018-02-10Pulse PartyCordell,Jane,Carrie,Robert
2018-06-16Farewell Dinner For RobFAREWELL DINNER FOR ROB


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