Passion for the Paranormal

PODCAST 7 - Albion Normal School Setting the Record Straight.

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PODCAST 6 - Curry Investigates Cripple Creek Colorado Haunting's.

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PODCAST 5 - Discuess Paranormal Theories on Hauntings with guests Carrie Pytlik and Cordell Measells.

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PODCAST 4 - With Curry Stegen and Jennifer Jones regarding her research into haunted locations. Visit her site and blog - "The Dead History."

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PODCAST 3 - Discuess Paranormal Shows with guest Dorie Guerra.

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PODCAST 2 - Here we will explore some of the most unusual occurrences that have happened while investigating, e.g. seeing an apparition, getting touched, poltergeist activity, feeling energy, anomalies, and other things we have captured that we cannot explain.

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PODCAST 1 - In this podcast we discuss Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVPs) and share some of the best EVPs our group has captured over the years.

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