Our database of evidence is vast, to large to list here. We use a in-house web based application written by Pulse. With this application we can track and analysis every location - History - Evidence etc...

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That being said, we can tell you that we presently have 92 cases in our database. Associated with these cases are presently 2484 audio/visual files, 2076 active links, and 440 historical records. These historical records include confirmed deaths on the properties consisting of:52 Murders, 10 Suicides, 235 Accidental Deaths, and 39 Deaths by Natural Causes. Each confirmed death on these properties has substantiated proof (i.e., a copy of the original newspaper article, death certificate, or some other form of proof) available for review.

The details above are updated real-time as we are continually performing research, and actively investigating cases.

At present, just a hadnful of our clients have their privacy permissions set to Public. Our clients are free to change their minds at any time (we fully expect some to do so very soon), and immediately after they do so the evidence will be available here, so check back often!"

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